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There are many horse saddles out there, but do you know which one really fits your Equine and you? Countless factors affect the type of riding saddles you buy. Take a minute or so, read on and find out

First of all, with so many different types of horse riding saddles out there, do you know which one to buy? While price may be a factor constantly ringing in your head, you should really be looking out for other things such as the brand, the type, your purpose in horse riding and how fitting it is for you and your horse when buying this main equipment. Of course, you should always try to stick within your budget you have limited yourself to.

The type of horse saddles you are going to purchase is probably the most important decision in the buying process. There are so many types of saddles available out there. Generally, horse saddles are classified into two camps - Western saddles and English saddles. The former are different from English saddles in the way they look and their usage purposes, just as brands like Billy Cook, Circle Y, Crates, Big Horn etc. are all not alike. Take note that these brands mostly manufacture western saddles. Brands typically specialise in English or Western saddles, seldom both. Be sure of your purpose in riding the horse before buying the different types of riding saddles, which leads me to my next point.

If you are an active horse rider, which requires your horse to jump around obstacles, then hunt seat saddles would be the one for you. If you are a racing horse enthusiasts, look for flat racing saddles. If your want to show off your horse to it's best shape, go for dressage, which are predominently English saddles. However, if you are just a normal horse rider in your free time, then... just go for the cheapest one that fits you and your horse the most!

Buying saddles that are comfortable for you and your horse should be the most important thing on your agenda list. As such, if you are new in this area, always bring an experienced person along. Always, and I mean Always, try out the saddle on your horse first. There should be a trial period when buying. A saddle that doesn't fit can easily bruise your horse. As a rough guide, both you and your horse should feel alright after an hour or so ride.

Other than the saddles, the next most important equipment in horse riding will be the horse tack. Horse tack is the general name for horse accessories, which include the saddle pads, boots, girths as well as other important equipment necessary for horse riding. Again, there is a difference between the horse tacks for english and western saddles, each with horse equipment unique to them. This is understandable since the horse riding purpose vastly differs.

Harry Hall, Masta, Westrop and Cottage Craft are just some of the top brands for choosing horse tack. There are brands that specialise in saddles and brands that specialise in horse tack. Therefore, it is probably not a good idea to get all your equipment from a particular brand if you place great attention on the quality of your equipment. Again, if you are new to this wonderful world of horse riding, please bring a friend along when making your purchases so that you will be more well-informed and get better value for your money.

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