Trying to find 14 western saddles may just be that bit more difficult...

The standard or rather most common size of horse saddles comes in 15", 15 1/2" or 16" seat sizes. Finding 14 western saddles may therefore prove quite a bit of a challenge. Well, no worries, many online stores do have different sizes to cater to everyone. Presumably, those who need this type of sizes are ladies so be sure to check out the ladies section in those stores.

Western saddles are very limited in the range of sizes. For example, a particular model may have 14" and 15" available while another one has 15" and 16". In other words, they don't have a wide range of sizes to choose from. As such, you may want to consider other models of saddles if the size don't suit you for the one that catches your eye.

If worst comes to worst, maybe you will have a bit of luck trying to find saddles at stores that sell pony saddles and tack. These type of shops which cater to children may just stock those slightly smaller sizes saddles that fits kids who needs them and you may find your 14 western saddle there. I found this Original Billy Cook Barrel Racer 5" cantle which caters to those with smaller butts, 13 1/2", 14", 15". Price is also reasonable at around $1000, so some of you might consider it.