The characteristics of American Saddle Horse

The American saddle horse is more of a show horse rather than a racing horse. A show horse looks at the beauty of the horse. Factors such as grace, majesty, the appearance of the horse such as its well-defined muscles, whether the neck has a nice arch and its tail all come into consideration. A racing horse, on the other hand, looks at the stamina and speed of the horse etc.

The American saddle horse is fairly easier to train as compared to other type of horses. It does not have a rebellious streak in it and thus, is easier to coax and train. However, when dealing with other horses, it might take a longer time to train. For example, to train a horse suitable for racing, you would have to provide excellent amenities for the horse, top grade hay and food, vitamins, an excellent trainer among other things.

Due to these traits of the American saddle horse, they are also, unfortunately, frequently abused. Owners without patience do not take kindly to this show horse learning at a slow pace. They are thus subjected to whips in an effort to hasten their development when conversely, the opposite happens and the horse develops more slowly.