To buy or not to buy an Ansur saddle?

Opinions are very divided on Ansur saddle. Ansur makes saddles that are treeless, which means yes, that dreaded seat is gone. But is there any thing else in place of the seat? The answer is no. Ansur treeless saddles are a saddle piece without the seat. To some, this is a long wait as trees are known to harm horse backs. To others, more harm is inflicted on the horse.

The pro Ansur saddle camp swears by treeless Ansur saddle. In their opinion, the seat which is usually the cause of much back problems and injuries, should have long been done away with. This is partially true as some horses are notoriously resistant to horse saddles and this treeless form actually benefits them.

The anti Ansur saddle camp on the other hand points finger at the treeless saddle. They say that treeless saddle makes the rider weight unevenly spread out across the horse back. If there was a tree in place, not so much force is concentrated on one place. Now however, all the weight is resting on one spot which is detrimental for the horse’s health.

The conclusion though lies in you the customer. If your horse loves treeless saddle, maybe Ansur saddle is the answer to you problems. If it is causing more harm then good, change to the conventional saddle immediately.