Some information on antique western saddles

Antique western saddles can be quite valuable, especially if the model is one of a few manufactured world-wide. They can be quite expensive especially if it is still in fairly good condition. Then again, for anyone who loves collecting antique western saddles, he/she must be quite loaded so cash is not an issue here.

For a western saddle to be truly considered ‘antique’, they must be at least 100 years old. While vintage is between 50-100 years from the manufacture date, antique has to past the century mark. So far those thinking the horse saddles under your bed might still be worth a penny or two, forget it. It’s just old and dusty, not a collector’s item. Yet.

While searching around for antique western saddles, some of the things to look out for will definitely be the condition of the saddle itself. Metal parts such as the stirrups of the trimming may become rusty which devalues the worth of the saddle. Also, be sure to check the company if they have indeed produced such a model. Don’t get cheated!