What exactly is the difference between Arabian Horse Saddles and other horse saddles?

Many people are mistaken between Arabian horse saddles and other horse saddles such as Australian horse saddles or Billy Cook horse saddles. They think that Arabian horse saddles means that they are made in Arabia while Australian horse saddles means they are manufactured in Australia. This is however not the case.

Arabian horse saddles means that the saddles are designed to fit an Arabian horse. Because horses are not uniformed world wide, Arabian horses require different specifications such as different gullet and bars. Therefore, the horse saddles designed have to fit the rider and the Arabian horse perfectly or else, the horse might suffer from bruises or a spinal injury.

In Arabia, horses are mainly used to transport things and not so much for showmanship or racing. As such, the horse saddles are either Arabian training saddles, endurance-trail saddles or trail saddles. If you are looking to horses as a hobby, I would suggest you do not go for Arabian horses. Look for the more common breeds around as it will be easier to find horse tack for it.

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