History of the Arabian saddle company

The Arabian saddle company was set up to focus on horse saddles for the Arabian horse. This group of horse enthusiasts were not able to find suitable horse saddles for their type of horses and thus, they decided to do something about this need to fill. As a result, this company was born.

According to them, the Arabian horse has a different bone structure from that of other horses. Because of this important difference, a whole new type of saddle has to be made for them. They cannot rely on other forms of English saddle as any saddle that doesn’t fit the horse well is extremely bad for them. In serious case, it can cost the horse its life.

The Arabian saddle company has come a long way now and is the most established company for people who are looking for Arabian saddles. In continents and countries all over the world, there are thousands of people riding Arabian horses and using their type of saddles now. It is thanks to this company that the name Arabian horse can be heard worldwide.

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