Special traits of the Arabian western saddles

Arabian western saddles may be quite common out there now but, never ever take this for granted. In the past, it was virtually impossible to find Arabian saddles around. But thanks to the Arabian Saddle company who researched on the need to come up with the Arabian saddles, we are now able to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Arabian western saddles are made by companies such as Simco or Cordura. As you can tell, they are the more popular brands which mean only big name brands produce them. I doubt those smaller shops will have. In every country, the number is only a few thousand but this is set to grow bigger.

Arabian western saddles are so called because the Arabian horses needed different types of western saddles due to their different bone structure. They are unable to use your normal western saddles as that may injure their back. If you ever spot an Arabian horse, never attempt to saddle up with whatever saddle you have. A hoof may be all you get for your efforts.

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