Popular traits of Aussie saddles

Aussie saddles, short form for Australian saddles are common to Australians. However, they are increasingly becoming common in America with more saddle companies producing Aussie saddles. They can be use on any horse, not particular to American or Australian horses. However, the types of saddles have to fit the type of horse though.

Aussie saddles are well known for their equestrian riding. They are not so much for racing purposes but rather, for showing or dressage. Hence, they are more closely related to English saddles with do have equestrian saddles too. Aussie saddles have a forward seat unlike in western saddles and this trait is being copied on to western saddles where people may have a preference for this type of seating position.

Some excellent places to look for Aussie saddles will definite be the Australian Stock Saddle company or Toowoomba Saddlery. The former have over a thousand different types for you to pick from while the latter has been in business for over 35 years now and are extremely experienced in this field.


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