Basic information about australian saddles

Some of the top saddlerys selling australian saddles are kates saddlery and K&B saddlery. Australian stock saddle company also stock a wide range, over 1000 types of australian saddles. Australian saddles are similar to english saddles - they are both forward riding saddles. To give you a rough idea of them, they are kind of like dressage saddles.

Some australian saddles come without horn, quite a unique feature of them. When buying horse tack, be sure to look for them in saddlerys selling australian horse saddles and tack. This is because horse tack is not a homogenous product. Australian horse tack do have some differences and to be on the safe side, it is best to get everything for one saddlery if you are not experienced enough.

The seat size for australian saddles is measure a bit differently from that of western horse saddles. For western horse saddles, they come in sizes of 12" to 20". However, for australian horse saddles, seat size is either small (16), medium (17), large (18) or extra large (19). For men and women, the horse saddles differ. For men, if you have a waist of 28-32 inches, then you should be looking at size small. For women, it will be 13-16 inches. Large will be 36-40 for men and 18-20 for women.