Australian stock saddles, a huge brand in Australia

The Australian stock saddle company is virtually the largest brand of horse tack and saddles is Australia. So popular are their saddles that imitation of it has sprouted out in places. While some may say imitation is the best form of flattery, I’m sure the owners won’t be too happy with this form of piracy.

Australian stock saddles are especially known for being safe, comfortable and yet stylish in design. This is rare because most manufactures focus mainly or the comfort aspect while some may think that packaging in this case attracts the most customers. In this case, it is almost the most popular saddle out there.

Australian stock saddles are available for different horse genre such as endurance, trail, general riding and other purposes. With more than 800 horse saddles in stock, you name it, they are bound to have it. They have one of the most comprehensive range of horse saddles available. Even shops do not stock more than 100 kinds while here, than have around 1000!