Find good and reliable barrel racing saddles

Barrel racing saddles are extremely common out there, there shouldn’t be a problem finding one. The better brands though are Martins, Courts or Circle Y. Sipsey is also up there with the top brands. Most come with warranty. Always buy one with warranty which usually is around 5 years. The minimum should at least be 3 years since barrel racing saddles wear and tear very fast, making them more susceptible to damage.

Barrel racing saddles should have shorter stirrups than the other normal types because of the forward leaning position. You should also be sitting on the cantle normally instead of there being a gap between you and the cantle, which is common in English saddles. These should be just some of the things to look out for. Comfort should be your number one priority, both for you and your horse. Be sure to test it out.

Sipsey have saddles that are very affordable, having a wide range between the $500 to $800 range. For those with deeper pockets, Circle Y is a great choice. Their Ostrich barrel saddles cost more than $1500, close to $2000. Discounts though can make them much cheaper, which is almost annually discounted. Search around!