Barrel saddles for racers or non-racers

Barrel saddles are of course, for barrel horses. For riders, this can be classified into two categories. Some ride barrel horses simply for enjoyment while others do so professionally. Or barrel racing to be more specific. In any case, barrel saddles are what you are looking for for your horse.

For non racers, most barrel saddles will do. The ‘tree’ of horse saddles, barrel or whatever, are usually made of wood, sometimes fiberglass. Now however, fiberglass is growing in popularity amongst people. They look less traditional and more modern, great for young riders who makes horse riding a cool sport.

Barrel racers on the other hand have to be more picky in their choice. Choose one that is light but yet sturdy. Normal saddles weigh in around 23 lbs - 27 lbs. See if you can find one at the lower range. When searching for barrel saddles, certain stuff can be overlook. Non-crucial details such as the trimming or the colour can be ignored. What cannot be compromised though is whether it is specially hand made for you and your horse to give you the maximum comfort, especially in racing. Also, look one that is made from fiberglass or top quality wood and you are ready to go!