A guide to finding the Best English Saddles

Looking for the best english saddles around? Actually, there isn't really such a thing as the best. For one, different saddles are for different purposes. In addition, preference for a certain feel of the english saddle may differ between consumers. Nonetheless, there are best english saddles brands around and it will be worthwhile to get your ideal english saddles from these top brands.

Top brands for english saddles will definitely include household names in this field such as Barnsby and Bates. Bridgehouse is also a good recommendation from some people. Crosby and Wintec will also list high on some people's list. All are good companies to buy from and they will surely last you for many years. However, to those walking on a tight budget, surely there is some other ways to get cheap and good items right?

While not compromising on the brands, it will be worthwhile looking for second hand english saddles that can qualify as being the best english saddles. These will be 'seasoned' just right for you to use immediately without needing to soften the leather etc. Alternatively, you can try to custom make your own saddles from smaller size stores. I'm sure they will be just as good.

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