Big horn saddles - high quality and reliable

Big horn saddles are known for their quality and reliability. This big company in the saddles industry has came a long way and is synonymous with horse riders and horse companies. Big horn saddles are only western saddles. Thus, if you are looking for English saddles, you would have to try other brands.

Big horn usually produces saddles made of materials such as cordura or synthetic. They are, however, adding leather to their ever wide range or saddles stock. Leather has always been one of the most popular materials used but because of the hassle of maintaining it - it requires washing and oiling often, synthetic saddles are becoming more popular.

Big horn saddles come in a wide price range. From as low as US$300, you can get a decent Big Horn Cordura Trail Saddle. If money is of no problem to you, then go for the high end US$1500 Big Horn Western Show Saddle Package 1873. You are sure to be satisfied.