Billy Cook saddles, for those who can afford it.

Billy Cook saddles is one of the high end brands when it comes to horse saddles. They specialize in making horse saddles and so, their range of products may not be as wide as other brands. However, their price range is indeed huge! There is only one Mr. Billy Cook, and therefore only one genuine manufacturer. Please double check if you think you are purchasing Billy Cook saddles. Check the authenticity and manufacture proof.

Billy Cook saddles are mostly western saddles. So far, I have yet to come across english saddles manufactured by Billy Cook. Nonetheless, there may be a few lying around somewhere so do not be surprised if you see the company's logo on an english saddle.

Billy Cook saddles cost between US$800 to US$2600. In actual fact, this price is actually after discount over the internet. The usual price might be much higher. The cheapest I could find is the 15" Billy Cook Barrel Racers Saddle #10-8727 at around US$830 while the most expensive will have to be the 16" Sterling Silver Plate Billy Cook Show Saddle 10-9003 at around US$2650. If you have deep pockets, flash the card and make the purchase!