Bob Marshall saddles, a leading brand in treeless saddles

Some may dismiss Bob Marshall saddles as just another band of treeless horse saddles. But, do not be too quick to jump to this conclusion. In the field of treeless saddles, they are well-known among everyone. They are the pioneers in this field and patented the first treeless horse saddles 15 years ago.

Bob Marshall saddles help rider mount safely and not let them slip off. Being treeless, they allow the horse freedom of movement and not be restricted by conventional horse saddles. As such, they can prevent bruising the horse back and are perfect for horses resistant to standing still while saddling up.

Weighing at only 14-20 lbs, Bob Marshall saddles are much more lightweight than other saddles. Usually, saddles with tree weigh in around 23 lbs. For transportation, it naturally means it is now easier to carry a light saddle around. They allow the rider to be in closer contact with the horse which makes it a safer and more pleasant ride.