Horse riding is not an expensive sport for your child. Definitely not so when child saddles can go as low as below US$100!

Child or youth saddles, as some people would prefer to call it, is vastly different from that of an adult's horse saddles. Do not ever attempt to save money by letting your child use your saddles. Not only does it injure your horse but you will be putting your child at great risk.

Child saddles are specially designed to fit your child and pony. However, if your child is learning to ride a horse, certain child saddles can be used too if they fit. The growing hobby of horse-riding as a sport in many places has increased the demand for child saddles. Thus, it is actually quite easy to find it around. Do not prevent your child from taming this majestic animal!

While other horse saddles might be very expensive, costing anywhere between US$600 to US$2600, child saddles on the other hand are really relatively cheap. If these horse saddles are not expensive, you can be quite sure the other horse tack is cheaper as well. They are usually 12" or 13" of size. Child saddles range from US$60 for a Ride Behind Child Tandem Saddle acjt72-9950 to US$370 for a 13" King Series Cutter Youth Saddle k005.