Circle y brand of barrel saddles

Circle y barrel saddles have always been up there among the top brands. With 45 years in this trade and using technology to ever improve their horse saddles, it is no wonder they are so popular in this highly competitive field of horse saddles. Circle y do not have their own store, but their items can be purchased through authorised distributors throughout the country.

Technology incorporated into Circle y barrel saddles include their patented flex tree and softee technology. Barrel saddles are traditionally made from wood or fibreglass. With this flex tree though, the stiff seat is no longer present. Instead, the tree conforms to the horse back and your bottom. This makes it much easier to find a saddle that fits. Softee on the other hand reduces the need for saddle pads as they act as shock absorbers. With this technology, Circle y has definitely cemented their foothold in this industry.

Do not simply look at Circle y barrel saddles though. They produce an amazing range of horse related products and tack. Some of those in sync with their brand name includes show halters and chip and chinks, for the horse head and the rider’s foot respectively.