When it comes to range of horse saddles, Circle y saddles has to be one of the forerunners.

Circle y saddles have a huge range of saddles that you will almost certainly find anything you are looking for there. Unlike other manufacturers which have between 10-20 horse saddles, they have, gulped, around 30 to choose from! Of course, other manufacturers may specialize in a few so it might not be really appropriate to compare this way.

One thing good about Circle y saddles is that they have a very affordable price range for buyers. The cheapest I found online was one that cost about US$700, the 16" 17" Rio Grande Circle Y Hunting Saddle Cordura 3595, and the priciest horse saddles cost around US$1800 for the 16" Circle Y "TAOS" Show Saddle Reg Bars or FQHB 2817.

If you are scouting around for horse saddles, I would strongly suggest getting it over the internet. The prices listed above are after discount, so the usual price is actually substantially higher. I certainly think it would be hard for stores to give as good a discount as online retailers. So, get your horse saddles online. Not only does it save you much time but money too!

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