Basic information on Colorado Saddlery

Colorado saddlery has been in business for about 60 years now and they boast qualifications such as being of high quality and great reasonable prices. It is no wonder then that Colorado saddles are one of the few top choices by horse riders when it comes to buying western horse saddles. Their own brand of horse tack and equipment only serve to make it more popular among buyers.

Colorado saddlery produces saddles that are great eye candies. The finishing is superb which makes any owner proud of it. But more importantly, beyond the looks, the real quality comes in with their new age technology. Using what they called The Equalizer, they have silicon gels in the horse saddles in strategic parts. This technique helps the saddle to fit nicely on the horse and is a means of cushioning.

The material used in producing Colorado saddles are of extremely high quality too. They are flexible enough to conform to the horse shape but yet tough enough to suffer any punishment inflicted on it by the horse riding. Overall, it’s a great saddle for anyone considering which brand to purchase from.