Courts specialise in barrel saddles

Courts have been in this saddle business for 47 years as of now, a long time in this competitive industry. While not anywhere as big as major brands such as Tex Tan or Circle Y, they do have their own share of fans and loyal buyers. This is in part due to their specialisation policy, which has enabled them to have a niche in this diverse market.

Courts only produce barrel and roping saddles, which in part explains why Courts barrel saddles are so popular among barrel racers out there. Their saddles are all specially hand made with high quality control. In spite of this, they have managed to keep price affordable for buyers and this also contributes to their popularity.

Courts barrel saddles cost slightly more than what you normally find in shops out there. With a range of $1100 to $1600, they have close to ten different varieties which in my view, is excellent for their company. Since the price difference is not that great, anyone who is dead set on getting a Courts barrel saddle will be assured of one.