Crates Saddles are each individually hand-crafted

Crates saddles are manufactured by Crates Leather Company. This special company comes with it the distinction of every Crates saddle being customed made. Yes, Crates Saddles are bench-made one at a time. You can be quite certain that you will never find a replica of the one you bought ever!

Crates Leather Company specializes in western saddles. However, western saddles have many sub divisions in itself. This company produces youth saddles, show saddles, reining saddles. Arabian Saddles, trail Saddles and many others. They even have multi-purpose saddles for ladies. As the name suggests, this saddles can be used for different purposes, not solely for racing or simply trotting.

Crates saddles are in a sense better than other saddles manufactured in mass quantity. Depending on which way you see it, you can say that Crates saddles are better because they are custom made or you can say that other saddles are better because machines do not err as much as humans. Either way, Crates saddles are of good quality. Their price range is from about US$950 to $1600.