A reliable brand of saddles, Crosby english saddles

Just like there are many uses of english horse saddles such as dressage, hunting or all purpose saddles, there are many brands of english saddles too. Crosby english saddles is one of the top brands when it comes to searching for english saddles, alongside brands like Barnsby and Bates. In terms of quality, it is up there at the top.

Crosby english saddles has many types to suit different riders. For example, it has equestrian or racing saddles for horse riders. However, Crosby english saddles don't come cheap at all. Each saddle cost roughly about US$2000. There are cheaper types buy the average good ones cost around that amount.

The Crosby Centennial Saddle is retailing around US$2000. Meant for equestrian use, it has a smaller seat for the horse rider. Special features include having breathable AirFlo flaps.

The Crosby Prix de Nations Saddle cost the same price as the above one. This is a close contact saddle and so, it has a narrow seat for the rider. Crafted in England, it possesses some of the features from the above one such as the trademark Crosby AirFlo flaps.

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