Custom Handmade Saddles, are they dying out?

In the past, almost every serious rider looks for custom handmade saddles. Because they are looking for the perfect fit saddles, those manufactured in shops do not suit them that well which explains the need to have one specially designed for those serious and professional about horse riding. They can also not afford to put the horse at any risk or injury.

Nowadays however, the need for custom handmade saddles is becoming lesser. Circle y and Orthoflex are just a few of those manufactures who have come up with ways to allow the horse saddle fit nicely onto any horse. Yes, those seats are no longer your usual tough wood or fiberglass. They are now panels that can adjust to whatever movement your horse is subjected to.

Nonetheless, for those bent on getting custom handmade saddles, many saddle shops provide such service, albeit at a much higher cost. Even top brands like Billy Cook should have this service as well. Some of them because they hand make each saddle, they only do make-to-order saddles. You can try searching for such manufacturers.