Get your saddles at custom saddle shop

Custom saddle shop may not be easily found in this country. They are usually hidden at street corners because they are small businesses, unlike huge saddle shops that stock different brands and varieties of saddles from all around. The trend however is reversing. It may be easier to find a custom saddle shop now on the internet and this means people like you and I can have custom made saddles.

On the world wide web, there are a few custom saddle shops available. Oliver saddle shop is one that have been in business for quite a while now, catering to people who prefer custom made horse saddles. Those looking for English saddles may search for Kelly's Tack Shop. They have items ranging from English saddles to horse tack and equipment.

Those looking for custom made saddles though need not limit their search to these few shops. Most major brands have make to order facilities, whereby the buyer tell them in specific details what they have in mind and they will manufacture it according to your wishes. Sometimes, they even custom make head gear for you.