Excellent Custom saddles by Tony Grifford Custom Saddlery

Custom saddlery produces only Australian stock saddles and not your other kinds of western or english saddles such as trail or barrel or ranch types. This Australian kinds of saddles is an English saddle specially meant for those who want close contact saddles either for their work or sporting purposes.

Custom saddles are only for an elite group of professionals who wants only the top quality and will not compromise on it. This very much explains why their saddles cost up to AUD$5500 with the cheapest still at a cool AUD$2500. But because each saddle is handtooled, it may just be worth the price.

In addition, Custom saddlery also have other products such as horse tack that includes bridles and other accessories like breastplates or saddle bags. These though are not wide in variety and it may be a better idea getting them elsewhere. For foreign buyers, you will be pleased to know that there is a 10% discount on the saddles from Tony Grifford Custom Saddlery.

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