Confused by custom western saddles?

For those of you new to this horse riding sport, Custom saddles is actually a well renowned brand. But those looking for custom western saddles may be disappointed here, simply because Custom saddles make english saddles, Australian saddle to be more precise, and not western saddles. Some people get confused between the brand Custom saddles and custom-made saddles.

The brand Custom saddles is an Australian based company that produces high-end, top quality saddles for professionals and serious riders. Their range of saddles though limited, are extremely sought after. And they do not come cheap either, costing between AUD$2500 to AUD$5500. They are mainly close contact saddles and some sportsmen use them.

Custom made saddles on the other hand are everywhere! Almost every saddle shop have custom made western saddles. Because horse saddles cannot be churned out from factories identical in pieces easily, they are usually handcrafted or handtooled. This is also to cater to individuals who seek specific details in their western saddles. Hence, they are named custom made western saddles or custom western saddles to trick unsuspecting victims. Don't get fooled anymore in future!