Cutting saddles can also be used for general use

Saddles are an important part of any riders horse tack, and finding the right saddle is imperative as it will contribute towards your comfort and your enjoyment of your riding experience, as well as contributing to the comfort of your horse. There are a number of different saddle types available these days, and one of these is the cutting saddle. This type of saddle was traditionally used in cow cutting competitions, but today's range of cutting saddles has become increasingly popular amongst riders looking for general purpose saddles.

Cutting saddles are a lighter weight saddle, weighing in at around thirty pounds, and offering ease, practicality, and comfort for riders and horses. The lighter weight structure of this type of saddle means that the horse and rider can enjoy a greater degree of movement, which is one of the reasons why this type of saddle has become increasingly popular amongst riders that want to avoid too much in the way of movement restriction. These saddles are, of course, also used for cutting horses in cutting events.

For those that participate in cutting events a good cutting saddle is essential, as the horse will be making quick, sudden movements and these saddles help to stabilize and keep the rider in the correct position during the event. Cutting saddles have a high pommel and a flat seat, allowing close contact between the horse and the rider at all times, as is required in cutting events. Because the rider does not actually get involved as such with cutting events the saddle is designed to allow the rider to maintain balance and enjoy comfort without interfering with the movements of the horse.

A number of quality suppliers offer great deals on cutting saddles, so you can find a suitable saddle for either cutting events or even for general purpose without having to spend a fortune. You can compare a range of these horse saddles from different manufacturers online, enabling you to enjoy great choice, high quality, and affordable prices.