Draft horse saddles

Draft horse saddles are a type of saddles that is determined by the breed of the horse. For example, while there are saddles be breed such as Arabian saddles, gaited horse saddles or youth/child saddles, there is also this draft horse saddles. Draft horse saddles differ from other types of saddle mainly because the bars are different, specially suited for a draft horse.

Draft horse saddles are very popular and this can be seen because many big companies produce this type of saddles. Companies like Circle Y, Egbutt, Tom Thumb, Big Horn and Tex Tan all have draft horse saddles and their various parts such as the headstall with reins and snaffle bit and girth.

The Big Horn Draft Cordura Saddle bh296 is one of the few cheap but good draft horse saddles. Costing only US$550, it is quite a good buy considering the reputation of this company. More expensive types of draft horse saddles are the Circle Y Draft Horse Saddle 2177 or the Tex Tan Draft Horse Saddle 08-4021, costing slightly more than a thousand each.

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