Choose good dressage saddles

Dressage saddles are meant for dressage riding, a form of English style of riding. Dover saddlery is one place that you are able to find lots of dressage saddles available. Beside dressage saddles, they also have other types of saddles such as eventing saddles or hunter and jumper saddles.

Good dressage saddles though, are not exactly cheap. Good quality ones with more advance technology usually cost above $2000. Nowadays, the focus is on the seat panels where enhanced panel saddles or gusseted panels saddles cost much more than the normal saddles. Also, the cutting is important to show to best of the horse as possible.

Some think that dressage saddles produced in collaboration with champions in dressage riding are automatically superior to others. It may be true to a certain extent since requirements by the professional are fulfilled. Ultimately though, it all lies in the hands of the owner. Any dressage saddle that is comfortable for you and your horse will be good enough