Last longer on endurance horse saddles

Endurance horse saddles are very beneficial to your horse when you are a long distance rider. Because horse saddles are not light, riding for too long with a normal saddle will cause too much pressure exerted on the horse. Furthermore, sweat accumulated underneath the saddle is unhealthy to a horse. What endurance horse saddles do are that because of less skirting, they enable the horse to cool faster. Also, it is lighter than normal saddles and so are ideal for your horse.

Few saddle makers specialise in making endurance horse saddles though, simply because the market is quite small. Nonetheless, you can find a good substitute for it through getting light saddles with minimal features. Alternatively, you can custom your horse saddles for your horse!

I have found this horse saddle maker that may be suitable for your needs. Synergist Endurance Saddles are specially tailored to suit people with needs like yours. Furthermore, they allow you to customize to your ideal wishes. It may be worthwhile to check them out when looking out for endurance horse saddles.