Different brands of English Horse Saddles to choose from

"What might be a good brand to consider," some of you may ask. In the industry of english horse saddles, many exists. However, some are more popular than the others due to a variety of reasons. Some offer good discounts whole year round while the other may simply be a perfectionist in terms of quality.

Wintec will definitely be a good recommendation to buy english horse saddles. Being the world's number one maker in synthetic saddle, it isn't hard to understand why they are a popular brand. Bates is also one of the popular ones around and it is worthwhile considering it.

Besides these two brands, other brands also stand out in terms of pricing. Buckingham and H.D. offer saddles that start from $700 onwards. If price is of no issue to you, consider Pessoa. With the minimum i saw at $1000, you may be paying a fair bit more but do bear in mind, it is more likely to last longer and feel more comfortable too.

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