Find some great English Jumping Saddles here

As you would already know, english jumping saddles have to be really comfortable for the rider. Comfort is one of the main focus here and it all boils down to what type of english saddle is it. Try to look for soft leather in this case as that would mean a really smooth ride for you. Before buying the saddle, try it out first to see whether it fits you or not. For example, a tall and a short person will have different preferences when it comes to the leg panel. Or maybe the knee support isn't enough for you - a jerk and down you go.

More importantly, because horses comes in all sizes and shapes, finding english jumping saddles that fits your horse and you should be the main consideration. Please test it out first with your horse and observe for any discomfort from the horse. Any sores after an hour or so ride immediately points to a no-no.

Usually, jumping saddles can double up as leisure saddles. Which means that even if you do not want to seriously jump, english jumping saddles could be a good choice for you. However, if you are serious about jumping, then some good advice would be to look for either a stubben or devoucoux. Okay, these may not come cheap but well, horse saddles last for years!