Use English Pleasure Saddles for maximum satisfaction

English pleasure saddles are basically leisure english saddles for the common riders. Unlike racing saddles or show saddles whereby the rider specializes in one particular area, english pleasure saddles is sort of an all rounder and is able to do a bit of each. For pleasure riding, these type of saddles are the way to go.

There are many english saddles out there that aim to provide maximum pleasure for the leisure rider who do not require special needs. Some things to look out for when buying english pleasure saddles are the type of leather use for the saddle seat, the weight of the saddle and the shape of it. Obviously, for pleasure riders, the leather used must not be too tough and the weight should be light to medium. The shape of the saddle determines whether it is a racing type saddle or for pleasure riding etc.

One extremely cheap english pleasure saddle that I found is the EKO50 - 18" English Jumping Saddle that cost only $90, after a discount. If you have a bit more money to burn, this cheap Wintec 250* AP Pleasure Rider that goes for only $279.95 is good as well. Not only is it light to carry, it boast a shock absorbing feature that is certainly useful for amatuer riders!