Close contact english riding saddles

English riding saddles are basically all types of saddles available. They include dressage, multi-purpose dressage, equestrian, racing, jumping and close contact. However, here I'll focus just on close contact english riding saddles. If you are just looking for any english saddle though, any will do or maybe you can look for some leisure english saddles.

Close contact english riding saddles differ from other types of saddles in the sense that they allow you to fee 'closer' to the horse. While normally the seats have a cave in it, close contact english riding saddles' seats are basically flat so you are seated more on the horse. The features such as the stirrups also force you to lean forward such that instead of sitting upright, you are closer to the horse.

Close contact english riding saddles are multi purpose. Because of their designs, jumping and galloping is ideal. Try practising with your horse when you are familiar with the saddle. For leisure purposes, it is of course not a problem though leaning forward for too long a time due to the saddle type may cause a bit of a backache for you.