What does english saddle 15 really mean?

If you have been confused over hearing things such as english saddle 15 or western saddle 13, now it the chance to clear those doubts and confusion. English saddle 15 refers to the size of the english saddle. So, the 15 refers it to being 15", just like western saddle 13 means the size is 13".

Seat size differs for different types of saddle. For example, the seat size of western saddles is different from and english saddle and from an australian saddle. The smallest size available for english and australian saddle is 15" while that of the western saddle is 13". Therefore, an english saddle 15 is roughly equivalent to a western saddle 13.

Of course, different manufacturers have different seat sizes from other manufacturers too. A Courbette english saddle 15 may not be the same as that of a Bates English saddle 15. Some sizes also do not come in numbers but rather like small, medium or large. And if you are a young rider, then your pony saddle does not apply here at all.


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