English saddle pads have advanced with technology. Be prepared to find pads that circulate air flow and other things.

Many problems occur when riding horses. Most of these problems come because of the english saddle pads. Beneath these pads, the horse can be sweating too much making it unhygienic, the saddle pads may be too heavy for the horse, too much pressure may be applied on a certain spot or the saddle pad itself may not have close enough contact with the horse. The good news is, all these problems can be eradicated.

Nowadays, english saddle pads have small pockets on the underside or a honeycomb system whereby air can flow easily. This will help to evaporate the sweat and allow the horse a more hygienic condition. Some english saddle pads are made with anti-bacteria material to discourage the growth of such disease-carrying organisms.

English saddle pads are also designed with multiple layers so that the weight of the rider is not focused on a particular spot but is instead spread evenly throughout the horse's back. This is very useful especially if the saddle pads and the horse rider is very heavy.

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