Is it worthwhile to repair your spoilt english saddle?

To those who use their horse saddles very frequently, your horse saddle may not last you very long. While others may be required to change every other year or so, you may need a new one every year. Is the main reason because it is spoilt? Consider sending your english saddle for repair and save spending unnecessary money.

The main parts of the english saddle that can spoil are the tree, leather, seats or girth billets etc. When bringing it for repair, they may change the whole tree, or replace the leather with another one. Because it is made up of many parts, individual parts can be easily replaced, much more worthwhile than buying a whole new horse saddle.

You may also need to send your english saddle for repair when your horse has outgrown it and it no longer fits your horse nicely. They will have to restuff and reshape your saddle for your horse. However, I personally do not think they will cost very much. In fact, it may only be a fraction of a brand new horse saddle.