English saddles are designed so as to allow the horse maximum freedom and movement. However, there are different types of english saddles too

English saddles are usually used for horse riders that do not race or move much, but requires flexible movement such as jumping and the likes. Types of english saddles include the all purpose saddle, jump saddle, exercise saddle, dressage saddle. English saddles come in different sizes and shapes to fit your horse the best. There are sizes anywhere from 15" to 20".

When buying english saddles for your horse, the type of material used in making the saddle is very important. The skeleton of the saddle is made from a material called 'tree'. Leather, one of the more popular materials, is then used to cover the skeleton. And also be clear what type of english saddle you will be getting for your horse. A jumping saddle or an all purpose one?

Nowadays, english saddles have gone more high-technology. There are english saddles out there which are lighter in weight then normal saddles, saddles which distribute the rider’s weight evenly so as to not apply too much pressure at a certain spot or even those that act as a cooling system by allowing good circulation of air flow underneath the english saddles.

When fitting the horse with the english saddle, there are some precautions to take note of. Make sure you can get a bit of space between the horse's withers and the arch below the pommel. Ensure too that the saddle does not hinder the shoulder movement of the horse. The best way to test would be to take the horse along for a ride. Notice and observe if there is any restriction on the horse's movement. If so, change the saddles. It means it doesn't fit.

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