Buy your equestrian english jumping saddle now, pay later!

Nowadays, companies are coming with so much novel ideas on selling their saddles. From mere discounts to giving away free gifts such as horse tack to allowing customers to buy first and pay later. Well, all these translate to extra benefits for us when we buy our equestrian english jumping saddle!

Some unique features of equestrian english jumping saddle include a deep seat to allow the rider more control when riding the horse and free foam used to allow a better fit of the saddle on the horse and prevent restriction of movements at the horse withers (shoulders).

An extremely cheap equestrian english jumping saddle is the 11010 XL Collection that cost only US$400. It has a deep seat with padded cushions to act as a shock absorber. A much pricier but high end saddle is the JAGUAR XJS JUMPING SADDLE. It is made from top grade European and French leather. Sounds nice right? The price, US$2400.