What are equestrian saddles?

Equestrian saddles are essentially any type of saddles that are related to horseback riding. However, because of the many subcategories within horse saddles itself such as Billy Cook Saddles, Dakota Saddles or hunting saddles, equestrian saddles have became synonymous with dressage saddles.

When buying equestrian saddles, there are a few points to take note of in mind. As always, make sure that the size of the equestrian saddles fit the horse. Ensure that there is no restriction by the saddles on the horse. Because a horse's motion is freestyle, ensure that there is a wide base support so that it will not interfere with the horse's action. To make horse riding flexible, which means you are able to horse ride at different paces, a stable saddle is very important for you, so make sure your equestrian saddles are stable.

Equestrian or dressage saddles are relatively expensive. In England, they range anywhere from £800 to £1650. Nonetheless, there are some exceptions such as this Wintec Pro Dressage Saddle which cost only £369.00. Made of synthetic material, it is considered one of the best value for money equestrian saddles around.

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