Fabtron saddles are customized just for you

Think that it's hard to find horse saddles that fit you and your horse? Well, not anymore, especially with Fabtron Saddles coming up with a new one to customize your horse saddles. As such, your horse saddles will be yours personally and you won't find two of the same kind!

Here's how it works. A special form, made by Fabtron, is given to you by the shop for you to bring home. Use the mould to determine the size you and your horse requires. The width, length etc. Next, bring the form back to the shop while the shop owner will help to find among its hundreds of horse saddles in the shop one that fits the size of the form you brought back.

I would think it is quite an ingenious invention by Fabtron, simple but very practical. For us people, we know how difficult it is to find a horse saddle that really fits us and our horse exactly. How many times do we end up unsatisfied and going back for an exchange or refund? With this form, those days may soon be history!

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