The difference between a fit Australian saddle horse and other types of saddle horse

We all know how Westerners value their western saddles as much as how the Englishmen value theirs. Unfortunately, if you are an Australian, I'm sorry to say but the fit Australian saddle horse actually originated from the East and West. Let me explain.

The fit Australian Saddle horse is actually referring to the horse saddles. Australian saddles incorporated a few pointers from english and western saddles. Its forward seat is a characteristic of english saddles while things like the Big "D" western rigging, horns or fenders al originated from western saddles. This cross breed of saddles is meant to suit the Australians better.

Fit Australian saddle horse is a dressage saddle. Nothing else. This is because the stirrups are hung in a dressage position, just like how they have parts of english and western dressage saddles. However, whatever saddle you choose has to be because of the horse and not its name. As long as it fits the horse means it’s an excellent saddle for you.