Gaited horse saddles are meant for certain breeds of horse

Just like there are horse saddles out there meant for different styles of riding, there are different types of saddles out there too for the many types of breeds of horse. Gaited horse saddles are specifically meant for horse breeds like the Tennessee Walking Horse, Paso Fino and Missouri Foxtrotter. More broadly, these western saddles are for horses with prominent horse withers (shoulders).

The special features of gaited horse saddles are that they have a higher gullet and bar angle. Because these horse breeds have more obvious shoulders, more movement is required in those places and these features allow that. It is very important to not use other types of saddles other that gaited horse saddles on these types of horse breeds. Saddles which restrict movement at the withers can cause serious injuries or bruises to the horse.

A cheap gaited horse saddles that you may wish to consider is the Black Fabtron Gaited Horse Saddle 7141 7143 that cost only US$535, a steal considering that horse saddles usually cost a lot. If money is no objection to you, then this Gaited Horse Trail Saddle 281 by Crates which cost US$1250 may put a smile on your face.