General purpose saddles, great for beginners

General purpose saddles is sometimes also called the all purpose saddles. Because of its ability to accommodate wide range of types of horse riding, it is one of the most popular types around, among beginners that is. When you have past the beginner’s stage, you may like to consider other types of saddles such as show/equitation or racing saddles. These are the more specialised type.

There are two types of general purpose saddles, the english type and the western type. Generally, for general purpose saddles, the horse seat is softer and fuller. This makes it suitable for everyday use. It also has the correct balance for the rider for any type of usage. Be it gaiting or just learning how to walk, general purpose saddles will suit beginners find.

I found some english general purpose saddles at below US$1000 for you. The made in England TRUE BRIT ALL-PURPOSE SADDLE cost about US$900. Shipping cost in free within the USA. A cheaper one will be this Tack Shoppe GP that goes for only US$550. If you are just beginning to learn, this may be the one you should buy.