Horse leather saddle bags to put your horse saddles in it.

Horse leather saddle bags, as its name suggests, is to carry your horse saddles around. Because horse saddles are quite bulky, people prefer to carry them in saddle bags. Some people call them saddle pockets so don't be alarmed when you hear that term. Horse leather saddle bags is part of the horse tack and can be found for relatively low prices, between US$30 to US$100 and above.

Cordura horse leather saddle bags are one of the cheapest of the lot, with prices starting from around US$35. Of course, the price does not depend entirely on the brand. The size of the bag matters of course. A large bag will obviously cost more than a bag for a smaller horse saddle.

Good horse leather saddle bags will be one that is made of good quality. Leather is great material for saddle bags. However, do not choose saddle bags that are too heavy because you do not want to be carrying extra weight. Horse saddles are heavy enough! Other factors that may affect your choice may be the number of zip compartments or the colour.