Find your horse riding saddles now

There are many types of horse riding saddles around. So, which is the one that suits you the best? Which is the one most accustomed to you? Find out what are some horse riding saddles are first before deciding which to purchase.

All purpose horse riding saddles - This horse saddle is one of the most common types around. Great for beginners who do not specialise in any areas.

Barrel Racer western horse riding saddles - These saddles are for barrel racers. It has a deeper seat than others to let the rider have more control.

Pleasure horse riding saddles - For those who take up horse riding as a pastime or hobby only. Uses the horse mainly for fun, not competitively.

Show/equitation horse riding saddles - For those who want to take part competitively in show competitions.

There are many other types of horse riding saddles around such as ranch, ropper, cutter or training horse saddles. I think it will be great to start off with the all purpose horse riding saddles. When in future you know what you like the best, then go for those specific saddles.