How to saddle a horse? Simple, just follow these easy steps

How to saddle a horse? Simple, just follow these easy steps

Saddling up a horse actually requires much skill. Especially when dealing with this animal, it may be best to get an experienced person with you and learn the ropes first. Nevertheless, if you really are eager to try, follow these few steps on how to saddle a horse.

1) Place the saddle pad on the horse, just in front of the horse withers (shoulders).

2) Place the horse saddle over the horse and make sure it is in the centre.

3) Tie the cinch or girth around the horse's stomach. Make sure you are able to slip a finger underneath the cinch or girth to ensure it isn't too tight.

4) If you are using a breast collar, you may attach it now to the saddle skirt.

The steps on how to saddle a horse may only be a few. But, there are some precautions you need to take note of.

1) Stirrups must be fixed properly. Use two fingers, placed between you and the saddle to check when standing.

2) Horse saddles need to be tightened a few times because the horse belly can differ in sizes. The horse may expand his stomach when you are saddling it up so before riding the horse, tighten it again.

3) The horse's back can be easily bruised or develop sores if the horse saddles is not fixed properly. When your horse isn't moving properly or you detach sores, take off the saddle immediately and ask for a professional or an experienced person to help.