Find junior english saddle for your child

Junior english saddle isn't very easy to find. Nonetheless, I managed to find a few for you and if you are resourceful, you can find more from places such as your classified papers or online stores. If your child requires a seat size of around 16 or 16 1/2, he requires a junior english saddle. (Please not that english saddle and western saddle are vastly different. An adult can use a western saddle of seat size of 16".)

Code number - S 508 Cresta "Junior"
This junior english saddle by Courbette cost about US$700 only. It is meant for both jumping and dressage. It possesses the new integrated spring tree and panel system meant for shock absorption, especially useful for jumping purposes. Any parent will set his mind at ease when his child is using this junior english saddle.

Code number - S 403SP
This outdoor junior english saddle is for close contact use. The leather use is waterproof and breathable, very important for any outdoor horse rider. When there is rain, there will not be extra weight on the horse and for long distance riding, you can be sure the horse is comfortable and cooled throughout the whole journey. It cost only US$650. Made in Switzerland.